Cancelling or altering your order:

You are not entitled to any relevant refund should you cancel or to amend your Order. You are welcomed to contact our Customers Care Department and the staff will contact the Takeaway or Restaurant about your concerns. MealsOnline will strive to but cannot guarantee the Takeaway or Restaurant which accepted your Order in the first place would respond in the way you had expected. The outcome of this would depend on the processing stage of your Order. 

Takeaway rejections and Order processing:

Once your Order has reached us, MealsOnline will forward to you in the form of email to confirm it is undergoing processing by the relevant Takeaway. Please note that the confirmation onscreen of Order taken or email confirmation does not represent for a contractual meaning that the relevant Takeaway is processing your Order. Whilst MealsOnline will strive to update the processing stage of a specific Order but it also depends on the Takeaway to process your Order whether to reject it or to proceed based on reasons such as heavy workload. In accordance with our policy, you are entitled to full refund from the Takeaway should it breached with the agreement with you.

Definition of Commercial Agency:

MealsOnline declares that we only act in the capacity as an appointed commercial agent of the relevant Takeaway when all Orders processed by MealsOnline via our platform including software and hardware means.


Please contact the Takeaway directly and follow their policy for compensation should you intend to seek reimbursement either in part or full payment because of the standard of a particular Takeaway had fallen short of your expectation. However, for any reason that the Takeaway is not contactable and declined your request then our Customer Care Team can address this issue within a duration of 72 hours. Nevertheless, MealsOnline wishes to highlight that the legal contractual duty in this ordering process is between you and the Takeaway including any compensation sought relating the standard and safety of the food ordered.

Loyalty Scheme:

The loyalty scheme is available on orders placed via web only. The loyalty scheme is open to individual residents of the UK aged 18 or over.

Your delivery or collection order from participating Takeaway or Restaurant processed through selected web will be eligible for rewards points which can be translated into voucher off a future order.

Your rewards points will be assigned at a point for every £1.00 spent on the total basket order amount. 

When your rewards points meet requirements specified, you will receive a voucher via email. Using the voucher at selected web will be deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The Takeaway or Restaurant reserves the right to withdraw or amend the loyalty scheme at any time without prior written notice and/or to alter or amend these terms and conditions at any time.

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